STARz – What is


Hi! My name is Astro! And I am here with the main objective of helping you to get to the MOOON!


You are here because you want to understand better what is STARz right? I’m on it!

STARz is the utility token of Conztellation, a marketplace of a new industry that is rising up in a collaborative way! Although we can’t reveal all the secrets yet, I will let you know two things to start with.  

1- What if I tell you that content creators, influencers, and internet artists are going to be a Trillion dollar industry in the next decade?! But this is the catch: this new industry of the future is launching right now as I speak. We want to give the first push by creating its own space to grow. Awesome right?! The Conztellation Marketplace will be this space. And you can be part of this revolution.

Now that you know that, the second thing you need to know is: STARz is the token that will run this marketplace! That’s it! Now you got it! 

Quick Fundamentals

But since a lot of the details are still secret, I will reveal some stuff that I am sure Antares will allow me to share with you guys. 

Don’t forget to read our MANIFESTO it’s in our Whitepaper! You will also find all the technical specifications in detail there. 

When you purchase STARz you crowdfund the rising of this new industry and become an investor in this market of the future. 

This new industry is being planned to be decentralized, and the owner will be you! That’s right, the owners of STARz will govern an important piece of this industry through the tokens. Stakers of STARz will have the power to vote in vital decisions that will shape this market. 

This is revolutionary because it places the power in the hands of all of us.

There is more! You will have the opportunity to stake STARz to receive more STARz. That’s right you earn money to be an early adopter of the future. 

For approximately 30 months the stakers of STARz will earn way beyond the traditional markets for giving support to this new endeavor. Who buys, holds, and profits. 

After this, the coin is going to change for the better. But we talk more about this later. Or you can take a look at the Whitepaper to have a clear idea. 

What expect from the token

It is important to have the right expectation about this project. STARz was created to expand the universe of influencers, content creators and internet artists, and to allow everybody to participate in this market, from investors to the audience. 

Buy it is your ticket in, hold it is how you will profit, and this is how we will create together this new epic era.

This is a journey that is only beginning, and you might have seen that whoever participates in the early stages of disruptive projects end up telling the best stories. And History is what we want to build with you.